Second mariage of
Hans Wilhelm Geldrich von Sigmarshofen
with Véronica von Fleckenstein

"Mémoires de la baronne d'Oberkirch"
Édition présentée et annotée par Suzanne Burkard
ISBN 2-7152-2227-0

"Memoirs of the baroness d'Oberkirch"

Edition presented and annotated by Suzanne Burkard

The most original aspect of the Memoirs of the baroness of Oberkirch that she gives us resides probably in the faithful pictures of life during 18th. century in a French province with a very particular statute: Alsace, her native country.

She tells us about her stays in Strasbourg, - the Strasbourg of Goethe and of the Cardinal of Rohan -, and her visits to the court of Montbéliard where princess Dorothée of Wurtemberg was her friend of heart. "History is also composed of these details; they comb the epoch

During our researches, this book was for us of very high importance because it is well stocked with lots of historical proofs concerning our family and the allied families.

Henriette Louise Waldner von Freundstein born on June 05th, 1754 is more known under the name of baroness d' Oberkirch, this thanks to "her memoirs " the rediscovered time, where she talks about life at the court of Louis XVI and the French society before 1789 and also speaks of life at the court of the duke de Wurtemberg to Montbéliard during XVIII century. She tells us also about her close family and about famous persons she was very next to. The feature of the baroness d' Oberkirch is that she get  married in Quatzenheim in Bas-Rhin / Alsace / France the 1st. April, 1776 to Carl Siegfried d' Oberkirch. Another feature is that she descend from her Mother's family in direkt line from Hans Wilhelm Geldrich von Sigmarshofen. Going back her Paternal lineage we also refound Hans Wilhelm G.v.S. with his first marriage with Elizabeth Waldner von Freundstein.

Indeed, here we have on the left side her paternal  lineage and on the right the one of her mother.

Louis Frédéric von Berckheim
x Jeanne Hélène Eckbrecht von Durckheim
Charlotte Elisabeth von Breiten-Landenberg
x Georg Frédéric von Berckheim
Henrica Geldrich von Sigmarshofen
x Jean-Jacques von Breiten-Landenberg
Wilhelmine Auguste Eléonore Sophie von Berckheim
x Francois Louis
Waldner von Freundstein
Jean-Jacques Waldner von Freundstein
x Lucie de Sickingen
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - xx Lucie de Ferrette
Georges Guillaume et Elisabeth
Waldner von Freundstein
sont demi-frère et soeur.
Hans Wilhelm Geldrich von Sigmarshofen
x Elisabeth Waldner von Freundstein

Frédéric Louis Waldner von Freundstein
x Francoise Salomé Wurmser de Vendenheim
Georges Guillaume Waldner von Freundstein
x Eva de Venningen
Philippe Jacques Waldner von Freundstein
x Anne Ursula Eckbrecht von Durckheim
Henriette Louise
Waldner von Freundstein,
(baronne d'Oberkirch)
x Carl Siegfried d'Oberkirch
Francois Louis Waldner von Freundstein
x Wilhelmine Auguste Eléonore Sophie von Berckheim

A book about the “Memoirs of the Baroness d’Oberkirch “ also exists in English language. Look for it under:
and can be downloaded here:
Memoirs of the Baroness d’Oberkirch
Countess de Montbrison
written by herself
Edited by her Grandson
the Count de Montbrison

Colburn and Co., Publisheers
Great Marlborough Street

The Count de Montbrison hereby notifies that he reserves the right of
Translating this Work in France

Concerning the mother of the baroness d' Oberkirch:  Wilhelmine Auguste Eléonore Sophie von Berckheim died on September 4th, 1758 in Baldenheim in the Bas-Rhin, Alsace / France. The interesting thing to underline is that this funeral plate exists inside the Lutheran church, the ancient Parish Church “Sainte Blaise” of Baldenheim. By entering the church, the plate is mounted on left side of the door against the wall.
The epitaph is engraved in the centre of the monument. Above the engraves, over both sides we have a motive formed by a skull and by
two crossed bones passing over in form from branches on which hang the ecus of the ancestors, as well as those of the deceased and her spouse. And thanks the inscriptions above each ecu we can easily identify them:
So we find top-down on the left the ecus of the families Berckheim, Wurmser, Berckheim and  Bernhold and on the right side also top-down of the plate the ecus of the families Berckheim, Bruninghoffen, Landenberg and that of the Geldrich von Sigmarshofen.

07 years after the decease of Hans Wilhelm Geldrich von Sigmarshofen, we rediscover the coat of arms of the family Geldrich on a Funeral slab being in Alsace. To ours knowledge, it is the only monument in France where is represented the Coat of arms of our family. It is important to notice that Baldenheim is situated 18 kilometres west of Saint Hippolyte and 29 kilometres south of the park (domain) of Schoppenwihr.

There was still a well known connection  between this famous families after the death of Hans Wilhelm, and especially, families were always in contact !
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